IFC Project – Ukraine Bureau data


JSC Credit Information Bureau Creditinfo Georgia started a new project that would enable credit organizations operating in the country to verify credit information of Ukrainian citizens. Thus, joining an initiative of IFC to enable access to finance to the Ukrainian citizens living abroad.

The service enables credit organizations operating in Georgia to verify credit information of Ukrainian citizens in the database of International Bureau of Credit Histories (IBCH Ukraine).

IBCH Ukraine – is one of credit bureaus in Ukraine, which has been operating since 2006. The company is a member of Creditinfo Group. IBCH Ukraine database stores credit information of up to 16 million citizens of Ukraine, more than 60 million credit contracts in total.

“We are very glad to participate in the IFC project. We hope that this service will allow Ukrainian citizens living in our country to use credit products and increase access to financial resources.” – General Director of Creditinfo Georgia, Aleksandre Gomiashvili

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