Shareholders’ Meeting notification


JSC Credit Information Bureau Creditinfo Georgia`s Shareholders’ Meeting will be held at 16:00, on February 23, 2023, at the legal address of the company –  2 Tarkhnishvili str., Tbilisi, Georgia.


  1. approving the audited financial results, annual financial statement and balance sheet of the year of 2022;
  2. approving the annual work of the Supervisory board and the managing organ;
  3. making decision on sharing the profit in the form of dividends based on the annual financial results;
  4. other current issues related with the company activities.

 List of materials to be provided to the Shareholders:

  1. Financial statement

All the materials shall be sent to the shareholders by February 16, 2023 at the latest, via e-mail,.

The meeting will be held in the company office, with direct participation of the authorized representatives of the Shareholders who will vote directly at the meeting.

The decision about organizing the meeting shall be published on the subject’s authorized user page on the electronic portal of the registration agency and the company website.

Record date for the Meeting is February 20, 2023. Only the persons recorded as shareholders on the record date shall have the right to participate and vote in the General Meeting


Alexander Gomiashvili
Director General of JSC Credit Information Bureau Creditinfo Georgia

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