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Creditinfo Georgia helps its customers to:

  • Avoid bad business by identifying and avoiding bad debtors.
  • Save time and resources by not extending credit or supplying services or goods to people unwilling or unable to pay their dues.
  • Decrease claim write-offs by using objective and verified information as a foundation for business decisions.
  • Improve cash flow fewer bad debtors means less money outstanding.
  • Increase profit levels as a result of fewer write-offs.
  • Warn other businesses about bad customers by doing so you are securing your debt. No one else should be willing to sell on credit to the bad debtor.
  • Improve pricing good credit information allows you to reward good, low risk clients with better prices.
  • Improve interest income.
  • Lower debt collection costs by eliminating more bad debtors earlier, you spend less time and money on collection, both internal and external.
  • Increase investment value – fewer bad debtors means you will collect more of your receivables. It is our belief that here as elsewhere a service of this kind can have a very positive impact on the economy, improving payment behavior and encouraging prompt payment. These factors also benefit the debtor. Reliable debtors get better prices and terms.