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Tbilisi, 29/05/15

JSC Creditinfo Georgia presents a new product My Creditinfo which will be offered to the customers through cooperation with Lending Club. In the course of a joint campaign the product will be sold through multiple channels of Georgian internet space.
According to Alexander Gomiashvili, the Director General of JSC Creditinfo Georgia, this is the first product of such type intended for direct delivery of information to the debtor. Launching this service will allow the debtors to control their own credit histories which is important for steadiness of financial market. Mr. Gomiashvili is also glad to cooperate with Lending Club and states that they will work together to improve financial education of the population.
On the other hand Vladimer Kandelaki the director of Lending Club, mentioned that an unique service has been launched in Georgia with the joint efforts and he sees great perspective in this service; similar services are very successful in developed countries. Mr Kandelaki clarified that Lending Club (www.lclub.ge) is planning to involve banks and insurance companies in the system in order to enable the customers to choose the best offers among the bank and insurance products.
With the help of My Creditinfo the customers will be able to  check their own credit status through internet without any participation of bank which will allow them to define their credit solvency and improve the credit history. A good credit history is a basis for offering various financial products with beneficial conditions to a customer, for access to cheap financial resources and a wide choice of credits.
Together with his/her credit history a customer will be able to check his/her credit rating i.e. credit score which is a simple indicator of credit risk.
Additionally My Creditinfo allows permanent monitoring tool with the help of which the customer is notified about any change made to his/her credit history immediately and can react timely. Besides the customer gets information about any search made in his/her credit history by a third party while the name of such third party and the date of search is sent to him/her.
JSC Creditinfo Georgia (www.creditinfo.ge)  operates in the field of credit information and provides the banks, leasing companies and other entities whose business is related with issuing loans or delivering services or products on consignation terms, with important data for decision making process.
Lending Club (WWW.LCLUB.GE) is a completely new and innovative project in the web environment of Georgia, which enables the customers to receive various bank and insurance products with the best conditions. Lending Club is a relatively new project of the company, though the company holds such resources as amindi.ge; taripebi.ge; tsamali.ge; horoskopi.ge.

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