Terms and conditions

Standard Service Terms and Conditions (Agreement)

1. Subject of the Agreement

The Company provides the Client with the service – “My Creditinfo” – which enables the Client to view the information about himself/herself stored in the Company database via internet in accordance with the terms and conditions of the present Agreement.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

1. For the purpose of ensuring use of the service the company shall provide the Client with an username and password and register him/her in the system.
2. The Company shall ensure the Client’s access to the database immediately after the service fee under the present Agreement is paid.
3. In case the client buys the package with monitoring service mentioned in clause 2.2. herein the Company shall notify the Client of the changes about him/her made in the database (taking loan, paying an installment, overdue payment) and also provide a notification about any third party searching the information about the Client in the database and about the date of such search. Such information shall be sent to the Client via e-mail.
4.The Company shall notify the Client about terminating the service due to the expiration of the Agreement before the expiration date via e-mail or telephone.
5. In case of loosing or failure to use the username and password (necessary details for accessing the database) the Client shall notify the Company in writing. Such notification shall be sent from the e-mail address which is registered in the system by the Company. Based on the written application the Company shall restore the lost details or/and take other measures to ensure the Client’s access to the database free of charge.
6. The Client shall pay the service fee under the present Agreement. Until the payment is duly accomplished the Company may refuse to provide services under the present Agreement.

3. Service Fee and Terms of Payment

1. The Client shall pay the service fee for the selected package as determined in paragraph2 of this article immediately after executing the present Agreement. Payment shall be made either with cash or by bank transfer to the Company account (№GE48BG0000000905231300, JSC Bank of Georgia)
2. The price of the service under the present Agreement shall be determined in accordance with the selected package. The company offers the following packages:
2.1. 30 days basic package: 5 (five) GEL (including VAT)
2.2. 1 year standard package: 20 (twenty) GEL (including VAT)
2.3. 1 year premium package: 30 (thirty) GEL (including VAT)

4. Final Provisions

1. Any issue arising from the present Agreement which is not regulated herein shall be solved in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.
2. The present Agreement may be cancelled before the expiration date if the cancelling party notifies the other party in writing no later than 2 weeks before cancellation. In case of cancelling the present agreement before the expiration date the service fee paid in accordance with the Agreement shall not be returned to the Client.
3. Any disagreement or/and dispute arising from the present Agreement shall be solved by negotiations of the parties. In case of failure to agree the dispute shall be solved by the court of respective jurisdiction.

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