My Creditinfo Standard

Check your credit information and credit score using Standard package . Score is important for your financial benefits. The higher your score is, less riskier your profile is considered by the lenders.

Individual – 4.99 GEL / 1 months

Individual – 19.99 GEL / 12 months

Company – 30 GEL / 12 months

What you will get from   My Creditinfo Standard

See your latest credit information
Get your credit score and credit rating

During 1 year you can see the information that lenders see on you, when they check your credit information in Credit Info Database. The report includes detailed information about all types of contracts, your payment history. It will provide you sumary information about all contracts and personal information.  
Credit score enables organizations to assess credit risk of the customers and probability of default. Credit Score is expressed into numbers and range from 0 to 400. Credit Score promotes credit organizations to assess probability of in time payments in case of loan dibursemenet.    

Credit Score history
Credit Score Factors

My Creditinfo enables you to see credit score history during last 12 months. You can visualize your progress over time and analyze your performance. 
Your Credit Score is calculated from the information found in your Credit Report. See the factors influencing your Creditinfo Score, including payment history, amount of debt, credit history length, amount of new credit and more.

Get Support to improve your credit profile

Get advice on your credit profile. If incorret information is detected in your report our team will support you to make corrections. 

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